Iron deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world, which affects to a greater or lesser extent 1200 million of people. Iron deficiency has multiple consequences on human health, such as an impaired intellectual development, especially when the deficiency takes place during pregnancy, the perinatal period and the first and second infancy.

AB-Fortis is a patented encapsulated soluble iron salt. This microencapsulation system protects iron using a natural organic polymer, which offers an excellent degree of protection and a minimal release of iron into the medium during the storage of the product. This protection leads to a great reduction of the common iron salts side effects (dental darkening, abdominal pain, pyrosis, nausea…) and avoids metallic taste of iron.

The high bioavailability of iron contained in AB-Fortis was proved in a clinical trial. The results in the study indicate that AB-Fortis has a bioavailability at least equivalent to ferrous sulphate. Transferrin saturation displayed a clear change in response to the intake of both products, indicating that iron had been absorbed in a significant amount.

Iron is included in all Irongrowth products in high amount in form of AB-FORTIS

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During pregnancy, infancy and childhood, the body requires zinc to grow and develop properly.

The body requires zinc to make proteins and DNA, and also plays an important role in maintaining the immune system.

Zinc is included in Irongest and Ironlact products


Manganese collaborates in the development of bone and cartilage, and is a cofactor for several enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

It also plays a fundamental role in the development of the external and internal ear of the baby.

Manganese is included in Irongest product


Magnesium is important for bone mineralization, relaxation of muscles and neurotransmission.

The adult skeleton stores between 60-65% of the total body magnesium. During lactation these reserves are mobilized for incorporation into breast milk.

Different studies show an association between magnesium intake at early age and appropriate development of bone mass.

Magnesium is included in Ironlact product


Iodine is an essential element of the diet, required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones T3 and T4. These hormones are necessary from the beginning of embryonic development.

During pregnancy, the mother should take enough iodine for her own hormones and those of the baby. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can provoke irreversible neurological damage to the fetus and unfortunately it is still a very common problem today. The supplementation of iodine is a useful way for the optimal supply before and during pregnancy in order to fill the body’s iodine reservoirs.

During lactation the requirements of iodine for the mother increase. Various clinical studies show that iodine levels increase in breast milk after dietary supplementation.

Moreover scientific studies have shown that iodine is necessary and plays an important role in the mental and physical development and growth of children.

Iodine is included in all Irongrowth products